Learning Platform Moodle

Moodle is a software for learning platforms on the Internet and offers virtual spaces for learning. We offer all the necessary documents for the respective courses in time to the University of Potsdam Moodle system. Click here to get directly to Moodle.

Below we provide you with answers to frequently asked questions about the Moodle system: 

What are the technical requirements?
You need a PC with Internet access. In order to work effectively a fast Internet connection is recommended (ISDN or DSL). An analog connection via telephone modem is not suitable because it is too slow.

Which browser do I need and are special settings necessary?
For working with Moodle, we recommend the Firefox browser from Mozilla. Successfully tested were also the Internet Explorer from Version 6, Safari and Netscape from Version 7. Not recommended is Opera, as Moodle is only partially usable with this browser. 

    Important: Cookies must be enabled in the browser settings! Proceed as follows:

  •  Firefox: Tools> Options> Privacy: accept and retain Cookies until Firefox is closed again
  •  Internet Explorer: Tools> Internet Options> Privacy> Advanced: "Always allow session cookies" and the "first party" should be marked.

    If you are running a firewall, you must also adjust the permissions accordingly.

How do I enroll in Moodle?
Put your personal university account (e.g. “muster”, if your email address is muster@uni-potsdam.de) with the associated password in the login box.

Please note that your uni-mail address is automatically transmitted to Moodle when you log in.

I use Internet Explorer on Windows XP. I'll be sent back repeatedly to the login page after submitting my login / password and do not see my courses.

You must enable Cookies in your browser settings. 

I do not have a university account or I do not know it.
Please contact one of the ZEIK offices personally and bring your chip card.

I forgot my account or my password.
Please contact one of the ZEIK offices personally and bring your chip card.

I do not use my university email address, but that of another provider. Can I replace them in my personal profile?
No, this is not possible. Your uni-mail address is tied to your university account and is automatically transferred to Moodle. However, you can set up a forwarding of the mails from your uni-mail address to your other email address. Sign up to the web mailer webmail.uni-potsdam.de and choose the account manager (lower menu bar). Then start the function “forwarding” (top) and type in the email address to which all your mails should be forwarded.

I signed up for the course on PULS, I need to log into Moodle me addition?
Yes, at moment you have to sign up separately with your Moodle account.

How can I change my password?
You can change your password (which is the same as for your mail access at the uni-mail account) only via your webmail account. Choose the account manager (on the bottom bar) and click on the button “Password” (at the top). Of course you can also contact the ZEIK offices.

I am not enrolled at the University of Potsdam, but would like to attend a course in Moodle.
Please refer directly to the MBA team. You will receive all the information to apply for a temporary Moodle account. If you become a student at the University of Potsdam later, it is not possible to transmit user data of this special access to the central university account!

How can I change or add my personal data in Moodle?
Please click on your name in the top left corner. Via the link “Edit profile” you will be able to edit your personal information. There you can also upload a photo.

How do I find a course?
After logging in to Moodle, move to the bottom of the website. There you will find a search box where you enter a term from the course title or course description and run the search.

I cannot log in to the desired course (no registration button).
Moodle does not create additional registration buttons. You can log in to the desired course by simply clicking on the course name. Whether a registration for the course is possible or not will depend on the course settings made by the instructor.

Can I change the language in Moodle?
On the first page of Moodle, there is a pull-down menu where you can select your personal language for Moodle. The UP Moodle is currently available in eight different language versions.

There are problems opening PDF files that are stored as a working material in the course?
This problem occurs only with the browser Firefox. It results from an error in the interaction between Firefox and the plugin from Acrobat Reader. Mostly these problems disappear if the Acrobat Reader is updated. It may need the Firefox plugin C: \ Program Files \ Adobe \ Reader9.0 \ Reader \ Browser \ nppdf32.dll) be manually copied into the plugin folder of Firefox.

As a workaround, you can configure the settings in Moodle that the corresponding working material is to be opened in a new window. Then the link for the direct download of the file appears and it can be opened directly in Adobe Reader.

What does the name Moodle mean?
Moodle is an acronym for Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment.

A Moodle Quick Guide for students can be found here.

Please send questions that you cannot find here to moodle-team@uni-potsdam.de .