Our Offer to You

We help you plan, design, execute and financially manage your projects. A project can take on many different forms, such as funded research and development projects, contract research, scientific-technical advisory and other services with industrial partners, diverse further education courses, and scientific or other events.

UP Transfer GmbH’s central area of responsibilities is project management. This ranges from advising on the preparation of application documents to financial and personnel planning, administration and controlling during the life cycle of a project to invoicing after the project has finished. We can also assist you with the marketing of the project results. Our experienced and service-oriented team is on-hand to help you with all these tasks, and address any related problems. As a non-profit research institution, we can draw on a broad spectrum of funding programs. Information about these programs is kept current, so we are able to keep you fully up-to-date and advise you on the right funding instrument for you. We can provide a long list of projects that we have successfully carried out in all fields of science. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding funded or cooperation projects, further education courses or events.

We look forward to hearing from you:

  • By telephon: +49 331 977-1384 (Dr. Andreas Bohlen), -4533 (Dr. Ingo Orgzall), -1356 (Frank Oertel)