Media & ICT

Information and communincation technology becomes important for more and more fields of social and economic life and is intertwined with many science branches.

The offer of UP Transfer GmbH continuously expands in this field. Our FELIX-App, e.g., makes it possible to learn more about emotions, motivation and needs in learning, work and everyday life situations for schools, universities, companies and private persons. The Machine Learning Research Group deals in its projects with, e.g., computer security (detection of malware, fraud, botnets, prevention of DDoS attacks), model-building in the sciences, embedded face recognition, and natural language processing. The research group Machine Learning in Cognitive Science, on the other hand, strives to improve the cognitive abilities of machines and to reduce the friction in human-computer interaction. To this end, it develops novel signal processing and deep learning algorithms for the analysis of sensory data and investigates new approaches for interacting with machines such as through EEG or eye tracking.