Executive Education

As the private, non-profit knowledge transfer firm of the University of Potsdam, we offer postgraduate University degrees and customized executive training courses as well as consultancy services for the public and private sector.

Designed to meet the demand for appropriately trained managerial staff, UP Transfer Executive Education offers accredited postgraduate master programs such as MPM and MEGA for public and MBA for private sector professionals. Besides these science-based, practice-oriented degree programs, we offer also in-service training, customized training courses and coaching as well as projects with a focus on demographic change and the securing of skilled workers and management staff. A further key field of our expertise is personnel administration and human resource management.

Programs are coordinated and operated by the functional areas "Public Policy and Management", "Business Management " and "Human Resource Development ". With our executive programs, we transfer the University's expertise world of practice and complement the range of educational study programs courses offered by the University of Potsdam.


Business Education

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Part- time Master's Degree in Business Administration. The main language of tuitition is German.
Choose your specialization:

  • MBA Biotechnologie und Medizintechnik
  • MBA Gesundhzeitsmanagement
  • MBA Informationstechnologie
  • MBA Innovative Technologien
  • MBA Negotiation Management


MBA program modules

The modules of the Master of Business Administration extra-curricular study program  can also be booked individually.

Business Administration for academics from a migrant background

The 6-month qualification is a subproject of the IQ Network Brandenburg. It is aimed at academics with a migration background and resident in the state of Brandenburg who have completed their studies in the economic field. Further information

Business Deutsch

A certificate course for students from China in preparation for an exchange semester at the University of Potsdam.

Negotiation Academy Potsdam (NAP)

The Negotiation Academy Potsdam provides professionals and executives with tools for successful sales management in the form of seminars (including in-house), coaching and educational literacy.

Public Policy & Management

Master of Public Management (MPM)

Here you find details to Master of Public Management (MPM).

Master of European Gouvernance and Administration (MEGA)

Here you find details to Master of European Gouvernance and Administration (MEGA).

TaylorMade Programs

Postgraduate certificate program under the academic direction of the Potsdam Faculty of Law

Work Psychology