Digital and hybrid events

The path to a successful digital event leads from a detailed concept to the development of a detailed production plan and the selection of suitable event tools. Briefing the speakers and participants is also part of the preparatory measures.

Digital events are designed to captivate and inspire people in front of the screen for several hours. We try to build moments of excitement and create a sense of community. All event formats begin with a free initial consultation.

    • Use of professional camera and sound technology
    • Individual configuration depending on requirements (number of cameras, microphones, streams)
    • Live streaming in HD e.g. on Vimeo, YouTube or a streaming portal
    • Post-production and subsequent provision of the recorded stream, also as video on demand
    Digitale Events
    • As a simple live stream or via a professional event platform
    • Setting up and configuring an event platform with an attractive graphical interface, versatile exchange options for participants (chat, round tables, meeting options) & an app for mobile devices
    • Kick-off meeting (advice on the course of the event)
    • Creation of a production plan
    • Setting up the online tools and regular coordination with all external partners
    • Creation of an event website with the option of integrating a ticket system
    • Setting up and operating a professional conference studio for moderations, greetings, plenary discussions etc. with live broadcast
    • Integration of virtual city tours into your event
    • Test run for customers & speakers
    • Technical moderation/support before, during & after the event
    Hybrid Events
    • Hybrid events combine an in-person event with components of online events &, in the best case, involve the digital participants in an in-person event
    • Many options for supporting the in-person event, e.g. through a virtual poster exhibition & other virtual content
    • All options of a digital event (event platform, ticket system, virtual networking tools, etc.) can flank the in-person event & expand the experience for the participants as well as the reach of the event