Intercultural Negotiations

Students who have completed this module

  • will know the particular challenges associated with negotiations in intercultural settings, e.g. with regard to differences in the negotiation style and prevailing leadership and management cultures;
  • will have learned about negotiation styles typical of various cultures;
  • will be able to establish negotiation teams fitted to various cultural settings and to develop suitable negotiation strategies;
  • will be able to lead and manage culturally mixed negotiation teams;
  • will be able to apply their problem-solving knowledge and skills in new and unfamiliar situations;
  • will be to present their work to a seminar audience and defend it using suitable presentation media;
  • will be able to work in a team and to collectively address a problem;
  • will be able to express their viewpoint in written form.


Dr. Jim Eckert is an associate professor of marketing at Western Michigan University's Haworth College of Business. He specializes in teaching and research that deals with the challenges of creating and maintaining successful business-to-business relationships. His dissertation dealt with conflict in exchange relationships and he has been most recently researching in the area of adaptive selling. Eckert is also the founder of PartnerBuilding. Through PartnerBuilding, Eckert conducts trainings, presents seminars and executes research on the topics of negotiation, personal selling and business-to-business relationship management.

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