Tuition Fees


The fee for the study program is EUR 19,000. The fees consist of an admission fee of 500 euros and four installments, each of which is paid at the beginning of the semester, but individual arrangements are also possible. For individual questions, please contact the program coordinator. Upon enrollment at the University of Potsdam, an additional semester fee of approximately 300 EUR is due each semester.

If you are interested in the MBA General Management, please check in good time for possible financial aid such as funding programs, entitlement to educational leave, educational vouchers, etc. An overview of the various subsidies and financing aids can be found in the guide "Financing Continuing Education" published by Stiftung Warentest.

In the case of employed persons, the costs of study can often be covered in full or on a pro-rata basis by the company if further education is in the company's interest.

Employees and self-employed persons can claim continuing education costs - such as tuition fees, travel expenses, technical literature, etc. - against tax.

The University of Potsdam offers information events for your students as well as consultations on the topic of "scholarships".