Curriculum & Content

The different modules are offered either in the summer or in the winter semester. Since all modules can be studied individually, it is still possible to start your studies in the summer or winter semester. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the design of your personal course of study.

Winter Semester

Financial Management: Financing & Investment & Controlling | 9 LP


  • Methods, levels, and processes of accounting.
  • Financing strategies, investment analysis, and cost control.
  • Making decisions of entrepreneurial financial management with the help of scientific analyses.
  • Static and dynamic methods of investment calculation.
Marketing & Sales / Procurement & Business Development | 9 LP


  • Marketing as a management philosophy and as an operational task.
  • Comprehensive study of marketing, sales, and business development.
  • Strategies for successful procurement and expansion.
  • Components and application of purchase management systems.


Accounting & Legal Environment of International Business | 6 LP


  • Different types of companies and corporate law.
  • Company acquisitions and venture capital investment.
  • Concepts of internal and external accounting.
  • Overview of international accounting standards.


Leadership & Human Ressource Management | 6 LP


  • Development of leadership skills and strategies.
  • Terms, actors, and processes of personnel management.
  • Effective human resource management practices.
  • Theories of successful leadership.


Summer Semester

Digital Transformation & Business Process Management & Entrepreneurship | 9 LP
  • Delimitation and significance of digitalization, digital transformation, and digital convergence.
  • Implications of digitalization for companies and their organization, processes, and culture.
  • Procedures, methods, and instruments used in the context of new business models.
  • Business process management insights and entrepreneurship principles.
International Management & Intercultural Communication & Design Thinking | 9 LP
  • Concepts and challenges of Internationalization.
  • Theories of Intercultural Management.
  • Knowledge of intercultural situations and negotiations.
  • Methodology of design thinking.


Strategic Management & Hot Topics (Crisis Management) | 6 LP
  • Position and profile of strategic management.
  • Theoretical frame of reference for strategic management in the context of a technology and investment-intensive future.
  • Crisis management and adaptability in changing environments.
  • Essential theories and models of crisis communication.


Management Skills & Negotiations | 6 LP
  • Reflection and development of management and leadership style.
  • Enhancement of communication and leadership behavior.
  • Overview of the different approaches of negotiation research.
  • Process steps of negotiation management.


Final Modules

Project Module (optional) | 30 LP

If you have two years of relevant work experience, you can receive credit for the project module. Please contact us in this regard!

  • Immersive project-based learning experience.
  • Application of knowledge to real-world challenges.
  • Practical outcomes that show the practical application of knowledge.
  • Reflective component to discuss your professional and personal growth during the project.
  • only compulsory if you do not have two years of work experience that is directly relevant to the study program's content.


Master Thesis and Disputation | 30 LP
  • Independent academic research and thesis preparation.
  • Oral defense and academic disputation.