Leben in Potsdam und Berlin

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Das sagen unsere Alumni...

"Berlin and Potsdam are unique cities due to their history, unique museums, beautiful castles, parks and multicultural mix. Berlin is definitely a very important place due to political occurrences and life. Many meetings and official delegations are visiting Berlin and important decisions are taken in Berlin. As for Potsdam the importance of the city regarding the scientific life is growing steadily. Offers from University and scientific institutes are bringing many people from all over the world to study, work, research and discover new things there."

- Tatiana aus Georgien

"I love to stay in Potsdam because of its graceful atmosphere and picturesque surroundings. Potsdam is also an energetic and warm-hearted city. It is amazing for its natural and cultural elements. Potsdam and Berlin are known for gathering of universities and institutions, and here, you will meet wise people and inspiring ideas. This region attracts attention from both home and abroad due to its political importance: it is definitely an ideal location to explore the political issues."

- Yan aus China

"Potsdam offers the perfect balance of nature, history and culture as well as access to the big city sophistication that is Berlin. There is no cause for ennui as Potsdam is just at the doorstep of arguably the coolest city in the world. Berlin with its museums, chic shopping streets, festivals, football, hip clubs, flea markets and variety of international restaurants among others was only a train ride away. As a student of public management, it was also exciting to live close to Germany's seat of power."

- Mae von den Philippinen