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Welcome to our Coaching pages!

UP Transfer GmbH at the University of Potsdam has been conducting international master and executive programs for over fifteen years. Our clients include companies, foundations, and national as well as international government institutions.

As Project Manager, and later Division Director, I, Thomas Gebhardt, have accompanied many specialists and executives from a range of institutions in this program. Coaching teams and individuals has since become a role to which I devote myself passionately.

Coaching may take place for a variety of reasons. Whatever the reason, an observation that I consider to be important, is that modern management is full of paradoxes. Whenever a complex set of processes is at work, you have many people interacting with each another and there is usually more than one correct answer. For specialists and executives, conflicting roles and interests are the norm rather than the exception. Although insecurity should be embraced, it should be harnessed at the same time.

With one-to-one coaching I offer a confidential environment that allows you to reflect on workplace challenges, and accompany you through your individual concerns. In addition to discussing "joy and sorrow in regard to professional life" (“Freud und Leid im Beruf” - Astrid Schreyögg), coaching offers you an opportunity to question your own attitudes and direction, to change your current way of thinking, and try something new.

The current focus of my coaching falls under three specific areas: