DAAD MPM Alumni Expert Seminar "Innovative Approaches to Global Public Challenges"

Climate Change, mass migration, corruption, drugs & crime – to work on innovative approaches to current global challenges like these we invited 15 alumni of the Master of Public Management (MPM) program to join in a DAAD-funded Alumni Expert Seminar from April 30th to May 11th.

MPM Alumni Seminar 2017 - Video Impressions

The participants discussed approaches like human-centered design, participatory and co-creative policy-making, innovation in and for the public sector, social innovation, inclusive business and shared value with organizations and experts devoted to tackling wicked problems.

Based on this inspiration, the group took action in a Design Thinking process facilitated by Dr. Eva Köppen and Caroline Paulick-Thiel of Politics for Tomorrow, a Berlin-based initiative for innovative policy-making. Drawing on interviews with other MPM alumni and the diversity of perspectives within the group the participants developed many wild and not so wild ideas to tackle global challenges and made them tangible in 3 prototypes.

The MPM program would like to thank the DAAD and the German Ministry for Development Cooperation for their financial support of this Alumni Expert Seminar re:publica 17 and the professional organization of the re:publica visit.

We would also like to thank the 15 participating alumni for their commitment, their enthusiasm and for sharing their extensive experience. See you next time in Potsdam!

If you would like to get an impression from the MPM alumni seminar 2017 we would like to invite you to read the seminar diary and watch our video.