Global Public Policy (GPP) Stream

Our specialization in Global Public Policy (GPP) takes an interdisciplinary approach to successfully address the challenges of global interdependence. Faculty members and students will work together on the analysis and design of international policies and options for implementation. Students will receive a firm grounding in international politics, international development and international organizations and draw on the latest approaches. MPM Global Public Policy graduates will be able to analyze policy problems beyond the nation state and contribute effectively to the design and formulation of “real world” policies that deal with cross-border problems.

Short descriptions of our stream foundation modules and joint foundation modules can be found below. Furthermore all students can choose from different elective modules.

Stream Foundation Modules

International Public Policy
The module explores how governments, transnational business actors, civil society, and international organizations respond to the demands of international public policy formulation and implementation in order to address problems of a border-transgressing nature. In order to do so, the course takes a look at the definitions of public policy, the cycle they follow theoretically and in practice.

Governance and Government in Developing Countries
This seminar will examine changes in state-market-interactions as well as institutional change in developing countries. With more intense international collaboration and global interaction, the focus today has shifted to new modes of governing and governance, which more deeply involve non-state actors in overall development.

Joint Foundation Modules

Foundations of Public Management
The overall objective of the course is to inform participants on the following aspects of Public Management: Introduction to Public Management, Concepts of Public Management, Functions and Issues, Public Management in selected countries, open and controversial questions related to Public Management.

Applied Policy Analysis
Policy analysis (also called public policy research or policy studies) is a special field in the social sciences which concentrates on the content, explanation and effects of government policies (such as social policy, environmental policy, administrative policy etc.). The seminar will discuss basic concepts with the help of established Anglo-Saxon textbooks.

Professional and Management Skills - Part 1: Research Skills
This course teaches the basics of how social scientists develop their research design. The course is focused on the research process in general. It considers the different steps of the research process.

Professional and Management Skills - Part 2: Communication Skills
This course will help you to improve your communication skills while you become familiar with the special features of academic English you will need at University and with your professional contacts. The course will provide you with listening practice to improve your note-taking, your questions in class and at meetings, and your pronunciation.

Professional and Management Skills - Part 3: Management Skills
This course provides an introduction to management skills and behavior with a focus on teams in projects. The primary goal is to equip course participants with an understanding of practical tools for managing work-related behaviors effectively.

Elective Modules

Elective modules are chosen freely by the student, irrespective of their specialization-stream. The offered seminars in this area vary each semester and are thus only mentioned exemplarily.

  • Public Sector Reform
  • Climate Diplomacy
  • Governing Global Health
  • Climate Change and Development
  • Social Security