Directorate & Faculty

The MPM Program is headed by three full professors of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Potsdam, who are formally responsible for the content and quality of the program:

Steering Committees

Each Specialization Stream is led by a Steering Committee composed by university Professors who are experts in the respective fields:

Public Policy and Administration (PPA) Steering Committee

Global Public Policy (GPP) Steering Committee

GeoGovernance (GG) Steering Committee


In the MPM Program recognized academics and practice-oriented economists, sociologists, political scientists and experts in public administration and public policy are dedicated to providing a cosmopolitan and stimulating environment for international students.

The program‘s faculty includes professors from the University of Potsdam and visiting lecturers from other universities and research institutions in Germany and abroad.

A number of other experts, including practitioners from institutions such as the German Local Government Centre for Management Studies (KGst), the World Bank, the German International Cooperation (GIZ) and the International Policy Advising, Cologne, have also taught in the program over the past 19 years.

MPM Lecturers

Prof. Dr. Geert Bouckaert, Catholic University of Leuven
Prof. Dr. Harald Fuhr, University of Potsdam
Anne Hodgson
Dr. Thomas Gebhardt, UP Transfer GmbH
Kerstin Altherr, UP Transfer GmbH
Dr. Thurid Hustedt, Free University Berlin
Prof. Dr. Werner Jann, University of Potsdam
Prof. Dr. Eric Kearney, University of Potsdam
Dr. Kerstin Leitner
Prof. Dr. Andrea Liese, University of Potsdam
Prof. Dr. Alex Murdock, London South Bank University
Prof. Dr. Isabella Proeller, University of Potsdam
Prof. Taylor Schildgen, PhD, University of Potsdam
Dr. Markus Seyfried, University of Potsdam
Prof. Dr. John Siegel, HAW Hamburg / University of Potsdam
Dr. Charlotte Streck, Climate Focus
Dr. Thomas Hickmann, University of Potsdam
Prof. Dr. Kristine Kern, University of Potsdam
Susanne Weber-Mosdorf