MPM Application process: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the MPM application process down below. If you have any further questions or need more information, you can contact us by writing an e-mail to

Can I be exempted from submitting an English language proficiency certificate?

Only students who are citizens of countries where English is the official language or have completed an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in a country where English is (one of) the official language(s) can be exempted from submitting an English language proficiency certificate.

Which English proficiency tests are accepted and which scores are required?

  • TOEFL Test: minimum score IBT 80 or PBT 550 or CBT 220
  • IELTS: minimum average 6.5
  • Cambridge Advanced Certificate (CAE)

What if I have less than two years work experience by the time I apply for the Master of Public Management?

The MPM is a practice-oriented mid-career program, which is why work experience is a crucial application requirement. However, to be able to judge if your academic and professional background meet the requirements, we need to process your complete application documents. Please note that we do not consider internships as work experience.

My (undergraduate) degree is not in social sciences, economics or business management. Am I eligible for the program?

If you have extensive relevant work experience, we will consider your application.

How do I submit the letters of recommendation?

There are two ways to do so:

1) Preferably, you may attach them to your application documents. For that option, the letters of recommendation should carry a letterhead and be stamped and signed by your referee. Word-Files will generally not be accepted.

2) Alternatively, your referees can send the reference letters directly to us. In that case, they have to be sent from an official institution e-mail address. References sent from a private e-mail address of the referee will not be accepted.

How long is the admission process?

Admissions take place on a regular basis and are ongoing. You will be informed by the MPM office about the outcome of your application not later than 2 months after the submission of your documents.

How much is the tuition fee for the program, what does it cover and does it have to be paid all at once?

The current tuition fee for the full-time, 12-month MPM Program is € 13.400. Fees cover all modules, the use of University facilities, the participation in the project lab as well as the University registration fee and a transportation pass for the Berlin-Brandenburg area.

Not included are the costs for accommodation, health insurance and living expenses.

The tuition fee is split up into four installments that have to be paid throughout the year.
Upon admission and acceptance of the place for the program, a registration fee of € 500 is due. The first installment of € 3.225 would be due by the end of September. The next three installments would have to be paid in November, February and May.

Please note that the University of Potsdam does not offer any direct scholarships or tuition waivers for the MPM program and that the MPM staff can’t assist you in your search for a scholarship. Please find a database on scholarships offered by different institutions here.

The MPM program is offering partial tuition waivers of € 1000 for students who fulfill certain criteria. Please find more information here.

What are my chances of getting accepted into the MPM?

Generally, we accept applicants with a variety of different professional and academic backgrounds to the program. However, to be able to judge if your individual academic and professional background meet the requirements, we need to process your complete application documents.

Will the MPM help me to climb the career ladder?

Former MPM students are working in a variety of different fields, for example in NGOs, organizations of national and international politics or administration or the private sector all over the world. The program provides a solid base for your individual career development in the above mentioned fields. Also, some of the MPM alumni chose a research career, starting off by pursuing a PhD after their studies in Potsdam.

And after my studies?

We advise you on career options, we offer a network of 180 alumni all over the world and a number of events with networking options throughout your MPM year.