Helmut-Schmidt-Programme: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

My last degree is older than 6 years prior to the application. Am I still eligible for the scholarship?

No. This is a criterion set by the DAAD. However, you can still consider applying for the MPM program with personal funds or a scholarship other than DAAD (please note that the University cannot support you in your search for a scholarship). Please find detailed information here.

I am currently enrolled as a student and my degree certificate will not be issued before the application deadline. Am I still eligible for the scholarship?

Sadly no.

If your degree will be issued after the application deadline for the Helmut-Schmidt-Programme you might want to consider applying for the self-funded MPM program. Please find detailed information here.

Which English proficiency tests are accepted and which scores are required?

  • TOEFL Test: minimum score IBT 80 or PBT 550 or CBT 220
    • Please note that TOEFL ITP tests are not accepted
  • IELTS: minimum average 6.5
  • Cambridge Advanced Certificate (CAE)

Can I be exempted from submitting an English language proficiency certificate?

Students who completed an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in English can be exempted from submitting an English language proficiency certificate. Instead, submit an official document from your university stating that your degree was conducted in English. 

I have studied in English in a country that is not considered a majority English speaking country. Can I still be exempted from submitting an English language proficiency certificate?


In the current Corona Crisis TOEFL/IELTS Test centers are closed. Do you accept the TOEFL/IELTS “at home” test results?

Yes we do.

Due to the current Corona Crisis, I cannot get my documents in time/I cannot get a certification or translation of my documents. What can I do?

Please send us your documents as complete as possible under the current circumstances. If you cannot provide a certain document for corona-related reasons, please state that in your application and provide proof if possible. We will then consult about your case individually.

Are there any requirements regarding the age of my English language proficiency certificate?

Yes. English language proficiency certificates may not exceed an age of two years (counting from the day your application is received by us).

Certificates older than two years will not be accepted.

Can I submit my English language proficiency certificate after the application deadline?

If you have submitted all other necessary documents prior to the application deadline, you may submit your English language proficiency certificate until August 31 the latest.
In this case you will need to submit proof of registration for a test date for an English language proficiency certificate together with the rest of your application documents. Please also indicate your test date and the expected date when you will receive the results in the English language proficiency section of the MPM application form.

Do I need German language skills for the application as well?


The program is entirely taught in English.

I have less than 2-3 years of relevant work experience, can you still consider me for the MPM program?

Unfortunately not as the MPM is an executive program and previous work experience is essential.

How do I submit the letter of recommendation?

There are two ways to do so:

1) If the letter of recommendation carries a letterhead and is stamped and signed by your referee you may attach it to your application documents. Word-Files will generally not be accepted.

2) Alternatively your referees can send the reference letter directly to us. In that case it will have to be sent from an official institution mail address. References sent from the private e-mail address of the referee will not be accepted. 

Can I submit my application as a hardcopy as well?

You have the option to send your application via terrestrial mail. Due to the short application period, the delay of international terrestrial mail delivery and the environmental burden we highly advise you to submit your application via email. If your application arrives after the application deadline we cannot consider your application.

When will I receive a decision on my application?

The DAAD staff will inform you about the outcome of your application around January. Please refrain from inquiries on your status, as we cannot provide any status updates.

My undergraduate degree is not in social sciences, economics or business management, do I still qualify for entry?

If you have extensive relevant work experience, the DAAD will consider your application.

What are my chances of getting accepted into the Helmut-Schmidt-Programme?

Admissions into the Helmut-Schmidt-Programme are highly competitive. The program receives several hundred applications per year and we provide around 7 to 8 places on the program.