Qualification aims and subject contents

Qualification aims:

The overall objective of the project is to prepare job seeking academics from a migrant background or refugees at university level for the tasks in the companies in Brandenburg. Graduates should therefore achieve four main learning objectives: The graduate…

  • has knowledge of the German language and is able to communicate in an academic context and at the workplace, both in orally and in writing,
  • owns expertise in the field of business disciplines such as accounting, cost accounting, marketing and organization/personnel,
  • has the ability to apply theory-based knowledge in the company,
  • has the relevant key skills to take responsibility in his work area.

Subject contents:

  • Teaching of the German language
    First month intensive, then 6 hours per week
  • Subject-specific education
    Introduction to Business, Research methods in Business Administration, Mathematics in Business Administration, Financial accounting, Cost accounting, Marketing, Organization, Human Resources, Investment and Financing, Information and Production Management, International Trade, Service Management
  • Interdisciplinary training
    Preparation of the application process, negotiation techniques, presentation skills, rhetoric, intercultural communication, Office Compact
  • Internship
    The internship period is also intended to prepare the takeover in a permanent employment position.