Your advantages

  • Industrial specialization and relevance of the MBA-study courses: “MBA-programs that are specifically geared to one sector meet the current trend and are gaining in importance” (Financial Times Germany 2012)
  • Uniqueness of our specialization areas: We are one of the few German training institutes who provide MBA courses in the fields of Biotechnology, Medical Technology and Information Technology
  • Top-level lecturers: Excellent lecturers with academic or practical backgrounds
  • Practical orientation: The close link to the economy ensures a strong practical orientation.
  • Flexibility: The blended learning principle (distance learning combined with in-class lectures) guarantees a maximum of flexibility.
  • Family-friendliness: Complimentary child-care can be provided at your study place.  A parent-child room can be placed at disposal.
  • Booking of selected modules: Modules may be booked independently and later credited to the whole course of study.
  • Good price-performance ratio: Our fees are low to medium compared to other national and international institutions.
  • Location in Griebnitzsee: Next to the train station (S-Bahn), ultra-modern premises
  • Attractive region: The area Berlin-Brandenburg is one of the prime academic landscapes in Europe hosting an unique network of research organizations in Golm and Potsdam.
  • Classified educational leave: Employees may apply for at least 5 days of educational leave each year.

Your opportunities

By combining the economic education with a high proportion of practical knowledge in Life science, IT or in the field of Health and Medicine, the participants are able to use their management skills in the business world and expand their fields of work. 

The MBA-course is a crucial factor for the personnel development in your company. It aims to increase the competitiveness by strengthening the management expertise and leadership skills. 

This means for participants:

  • chances for promotion to board level or management level
  • skills bringing your company forward in everyday situations
  • skills to manage situations of crisis or conflict
  • strengthening of the own personality
  • development of cooperation networks
  • higher flexibility in the professional career as a result of additional skills

On the whole, the MBA doesn’t only give you an internationally recognized degree, but also enables the participants to undertake new and wider spread tasks in their professional environment.