Frequently Asked questions

Can I apply if I have acquired my work experience part-time while studying?
That depends on the size and activity themselves, but generally it can be recognized as professional experience. Simply contact us to discuss it in detail.

I already have a first degree and many years of experience. Why should I get an MBA now?
Many businesses require an MBA for specialist and management positions. Various reasons shall be decisive. Firstly, to update and deepen your knowledge. This is particularly relevant as the world of work has become faster and the contents of your first degree may no longer match the current requirements for your profession.

Secondly, you work on your soft skills, which are vital for the success of a good leader.

How many hours per week do I have to invest in the part-time study program?
To achieve the MBA degree in each of the five majors (projects, written assignments and practical tasks) 90 Credit Points (ECTS) have to be completed by examination of relevant services.

Are there special rates for members and alumni of the University of Potsdam?
Yes. Simply contact us to find out more.

Can I claim educational leave for class lectures with my employer?
You can find information on the subject of study leave here:

Please note that this is an external website, for which we cannot accept any liability (especially for the content).

Is the MBA program accredited?
The Accreditation Commission ACQUIN accredits MBA programs. On 24/09/2013 the fulfillment of the conditions by ACQUIN was confirmed. The quality management system of the University of Potsdam is certified in teaching and learning until 09.30.2018.